Wholesale Greenhouse

Wholesale Greenhouse

Raines Farms offers a wide variety of annuals, perennials, patio pots and hanging baskets. These quality plants thrive in our three acres plus of growing space.

What's Blooming

We are a wholesale nursery. We deliver to customers within 150 miles of our location. Exceptions may be made for large orders. We welcome our customers to visit and tour our facility. If you are garden center and you are interested in purchasing some of our products, please contact us.

Interested in seeing our complete list? Download our current Product List

Raines Farms 2020 Product List Raines Farms 2020 Product List (1333 KB)

  • 306 Pack with Handle - 18 plants306 Pack with Handle - 18 plants306 Pack with Handle - 18 plants306 Pack with Handle - 18 plants

    306 Pack with Handle - 18 plants

    Options for the 306 Pack with Handle 18 Plants include:
    - Begonia, Dragonwing Pink
    - Begonia, Dragonwing Red
    - Calibrachoa, Kabloom Blue
    - Calibrachoa, Kabloom Deep Pink
    - Calibrachoa, Kabloom Yellow
    - Coleus, Kong Jr Rose
    - Coleus, Kong Jr Scarlet 
    - Geranium, Violet
    - Geranium, Rose
    - Geranium, Pink
    - Geranium, Red
    - Geranium, White
    - Impatiens, Florific Lavender
    - Impatiens, Florific Red
    - Impatiens, Florific Sweet Orange
    - Impatiens, Florific White
    - Impatiens, Florific Violet
    - Vinca, Cora White
    - Vinca, Cora Lavender
    - Vinca, Cora Punch
    - Vinca, Cora Pink
    - Vinca, Cora Violet
    - Vinca, Cora Red
    - Viola, ColorMax Clear Orange
    - Viola, ColorMax Clear Purple
    - Viola, ColorMax Clear Yellow
    - Viola, Color Max Rose Blotch
    - Viola, ColorMax Yellow Jump Up
    - Zinnia, Magellan Cherry
    - Zinnia, Magellan Mix
    - Zinna, Magellan Pink
    - Zinnia, Magellan Scarlet
    - Zinnia, Magellan Yellow
    - Petunia, Easy Wave Blue
    - Petunia, Easy Wave Burgundy Star
    - Petunia, Easy Wave Formula Mix
    - Petunia, Easy Wave Pink Passion
    - Petunia, Easy Wave Plum Vein
    - Petunia, Easy Wave Red Velour 
    - Petunia, Easy Wave White
    - Petunia, Easy Wave Yellow
    - Petunia, Easy Wave Purple 


    • Available to Retailers Only
    • Minimum Quantity Required
    • Call us to Order