Wholesale Greenhouse

Wholesale Greenhouse

Raines Farms offers a wide variety of annuals, perennials, patio pots and hanging baskets. These quality plants thrive in our three acres plus of growing space.

306 Pack with Handle - 18 plants306 Pack with Handle - 18 plants306 Pack with Handle - 18 plants306 Pack with Handle - 18 plants

306 Pack with Handle - 18 plants

Options for the 306 Pack with Handle 18 Plants include:

Begonia, Dragonwing Pink

Begonia, Drangonwing Red

Coleus, Kong Jr Rose

Coleus, Kong Jr Scarlet

Impatiens, Divine Lavender

Impatiens, Divine Red

Impatiens, Divine Violet

Impatiens, Divine White

Pentas, BeeBright Lipstick

Pentas, BeeBright Pink

Pentas, BeeBright Red

Pentas, BeeBright Violet

Snapdragon, Liberty Crimson

Snapdragon, Liberty Mix

Snapdragon, Liberty Rose Pink

Vinca, Blockbuster Red/Eye

Vinca, Blockbuster White

Vinca, Cora Deep Strawberry

Vinca, Cora Light Pink

Vinca, Cora Magneta Halo

Viola, ColorMax Clear Yellow

Viola, ColorMax Glow Purple

Viola, ColorMax Lemonberry Mix

Viola, ColorMax Rose Blotch

Viola, ColorMax Yellow Jump Up

Zinnia, Magellan Cherry

Zinnia, Magellan Mix

Zinnia, Magellan Pink

Zinnia, Magellan Scarlet

Zinnia, Magellan Yellow
 Petunia, Easy Wave Blue

Petunia, Easy Wave Burgundy Star

Petunia, Easy Wave Great Lakes Mix

Petunia, Easy Wave Pink Passion

Petunia, Easy Wave Plum Vein

Petunia, Easy Wave Purple

Petunia, Easy Wave Red

Petunia, Easy Wave White

Petunia, Easy Wave Yellow

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