Wholesale Greenhouse

Wholesale Greenhouse

Raines Farms offers a wide variety of annuals, perennials, patio pots and hanging baskets. These quality plants thrive in our three acres plus of growing space.

One Gallon Annual Pots

Options for one gallon pots include:

Caladium, White Wonder

Caladium, Rose Glow

Caladium, Splash Of Wine

Colocasia, Coffee Cups 

Colocasia, Heart of the Jungle

Dahlia, Dalina Grande Castillo

Dahlia, Dalina Grande Emilio

Dahlia, Dalina Grande Romero

Flowering, Above and Beyond

Flowering, Bermuda Punch

Flowering, Candyland

Flowering, Canterbury

Flowering, Grand Traverse

Flowering, North Shore

Flowering, One Of A Kind

Flowering, Pleaseant Vista

Flowering, Sunglasses

Flowering, True Beauty

Geranium, Calliope Large Salamon

Geranium, Calliope Medium Bright Scarlet

Geranium, Calliope Medium Dark Red

Geranium, Calliope Medium Pink Flame

Geranium, Calliope Medium White

Grass, Graceful Grass King Tutt

Grass, Graceful Grass Prince Tutt

Grass, Pennisetum Fireworks

Grass, Pennisetum Graceful Vertigo

Grass, Pennisetum Purple Fountain

Helianthus, Yellow Suncredible

Thunbergia, Lemon A-Peel

Thunbergia, Orange-A-Peel

Thunbergia, Tangerine Slice

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